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Evenuefy’s hybrid event platform.

Create immersive online experiences to your virtual and in-person event attendees with Evenuefy’s hybrid event platform. Want to know how?

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Simplify Your Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event Solutions offer a seamless blend of in-person and virtual event experiences, providing flexibility and accessibility to attendees worldwide. With a combination of live and virtual elements, hybrid events enable businesses to engage audiences both onsite and online, expanding their reach and maximizing event impact.

Connect with attendees worldwide with our Hybrid event platform
Broaden your Audience Reach.

Engage with a global audience and extend the reach of your event through virtual participation. Connect with attendees worldwide, providing them with an immersive and interactive experience from anywhere in the world.

Ensure a seamless experience with Hybrid event platform
Increase Event ROI.

Create an equally rewarding experience for both virtual and in-person attendees with seamless event management. Provide a cohesive and engaging experience, regardless of their attendance mode, for a successful event.

Create opportunities for virtual participants to actively participate.
Seamlessly integrated hybrid features on a user-friendly platform.

Empower virtual participants with opportunities to actively engage and feel involved in your event. Foster interaction through live sessions, polls, Q&A, and other interactive features, creating an inclusive and engaging experience for all attendees.

With Evenuefy’s Hybrid Event Platform

Create Seamless Hybrid Event Experiences

Keep virtual & In-Person Attendees Engaged

Amuse and engage your audience through an unparalleled set of features available whether they are joining on their laptop or with their mobile device.

Tailored event agenda enabling attendees, whether online or offline, to personalize and plan their participation ahead of time.
Utilize polls, chats, and Q&A sessions to enhance audience engagement and foster connections among both in-person and virtual participants.
Tailor your virtual venue to evoke the same atmosphere and visual style as your in-person venue.
Enjoy the benefits of in-person and virtual participation
Hybrid event software: Build space for attendees to connect and engage seamlessly

Enable Cross Channel Networking.

Streamline your in-person and virtual experiences with a single platform.

With Evenuefy’s hybrid events platform, effortlessly organize your sessions, speakers, and exhibitors in one central location, automatically generating the necessary digital touchpoints to engage both in-person and virtual attendees.
Experience seamless registration and multi-level ticketing on a unified platform, catering to both offline and online audiences.
Boost networking capabilities with attendee search and filtering functions.

Boost Brand Awareness

Choosing hybrid events is the most effective way to elevate brand awareness. The combination of in-person networking allows for significant brand impact on attendees, while the virtual aspect enables your brand to reach a vast audience. Evenuefy empowers this brand impact through.

Utilize advanced event marketing technology to captivate and inform attendees well in advance of the event.
Achieve comprehensive data insights by utilizing a centralized registration system that integrates analytics for both in-person and virtual attendees.
Speedily communicate valuable content to the audience while it retains their mindspace in the aftermath of the event.
Enjoy the benefits of in-person and virtual participation


Evenuefy's unparalleled hybrid event features

Real Time Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of the interest, engagement, and actions of attendees, whether in-person or remote, through a single dashboard that facilitates reporting on hybrid ROI.

Media broadcasting hub

Utilize a user-friendly interface to live stream your event, offering advanced broadcasting features

Virtual environment

Incorporate stunning 3D designs to emulate the live venue, transforming your virtual space into a visually immersive environment.

Registration & Ticketing

Deliver seamless ticketing and registration processes for hassle-free attendee experiences. Embrace contactless methods for in-person check-ins and badge printing.

Mobile App

Personalize your app journey using our white-label hybrid event app to tailor your experience. Easy exhibitor and attendee search with app search bar


Accelerate audience networking via chats and let them schedule 1-1 meeting on site

Onsite Tech Support

Enhance your on-site experience with Event Apps, offering interactive maps, live displays, social media walls, check-in and badging solutions, and on-site support services.

Utilize Touchless Lead Retrieval

priorityIncrease exhibitor ROI from their event by empowering them with a simple, yet robust, lead retrieval application.

Badge Printing

Contactless, Easy-to-use Check-in via Facial Recognition and Badging Process Engagement

Promotion & Advertising

Measurable promotion opportunities across your Event App and Virtual Event Space, from banner ads and alerts to sponsored sessions

Virtual Booths

Build custom branded booths for immersive virtual experiences.

DIY Dashboard

Make your event promotion and operation effortless with a convenient DIY dashboard.

Branded white label App

With your own logo and materials, create an engaging event that represents your brand.

QR Check In

Simplify on-site check-in process with our QR-based registration verification system.

Cross Platform Streaming

Use cross-platform streaming to increase the reach and impact of your event.

DIY Dashboard

Make your event promotion and operation effortless with a convenient DIY dashboard.

Virtual Booths

Build custom branded booths for immersive virtual experiences.

Polls and Q&A

Engage attendees with interactive Q&A and live polls.


Gain valuable insights into your event's performance with comprehensive analytics

100% secure data

Feel safe to share your data at our platform as it is secured with top encryption method.

Mobile Access

Access from anytime anywhere with our mobile solution and let your attendee connect hassle free.


Virtual solutions for all your Event needs

Hybrid Conferences

Experience industry-leading conferences and summits. Connect with peers, gain valuable insights.

Hybrid Trade Shows

Experience the ultimate tradeshow and expo experience. Connect with vendors, discover new products and services, and take advantage of networking opportunities that will take your business to the next level.

Hybrid Training & Seminars

Sharpen your skills and advance your career with our workshops and trainings. Gain hands-on experience, learn from industry experts, and take your professional development to the next level.

Hybrid Career Fairs At Scale

Find your dream job or recruit top talent at our job fairs. Connect with leading employers, gain valuable career insights, and take the next step towards your professional goals.


We will be with you every step of the way during the event planning process.

Our dedicated event support team will assist you in clarifying your requirements and identifying the optimal solutions for planning a seamless event. We will provide guidance on designing and executing successful events.


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Frequently asked Questions

A hybrid event combines both in-person and virtual elements, allowing attendees to participate either on-site or remotely. It offers the flexibility to choose between attending in person or virtually, providing a blended experience.

To participate in a hybrid event both in-person and virtually, you can register for the event and choose your preferred attendance type during the registration process. You may select to attend in person and receive instructions on how to join virtually, or vice versa.

Attending a hybrid event offers the best of both worlds. In-person attendees can network, engage in face-to-face interactions, and experience the event's ambiance, while virtual attendees can participate remotely, avoid travel costs, and have more flexibility with their schedules.

To register for a hybrid event, visit the event's website or registration page, and follow the registration process. During registration, you can select your preferred attendance type, either in-person or virtual, based on your preference and availability.

It depends on the event's policies and technical capabilities. Some hybrid events may allow attendees to switch between in-person and virtual attendance during the event, while others may have limitations due to logistical or technological reasons. It's best to check with the event organizers for their policies.

The technology and equipment requirements for virtual participation in a hybrid event may vary depending on the event platform and setup. Typically, you may need a reliable internet connection, a computer or mobile device, a webcam, and a microphone. The event organizers will provide instructions on how to access the virtual components of the event and any additional technology requirements.

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